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Staff Feature: Katrina DePalatis

Please welcome out newest staff member, Katrina DePalatis, working as one of our two DFI's! Beginning her role as KWRP is the newest thing going on in Katrina's life, she's excited to get into new routines along with lifestyle habits, working to leading a healthy lifestyle!

Katrina is originally from Wasilla, Alaska, having moved to Portland a few years ago. She takes interest in art, writing, and fashion in her free time, loving the creative outlet. You can catch her on a Sunday morning enjoying a nice face mask or a fancy breakfast, both are a favorite pastime.

If you get to know her well enough, you'll learn that she's an excellent cook. However, if she could choose one thing to eat forevermore, it would be Japanese food--sushi getting an honorable mention. But FYI, just don't chew too loudly, it's a major pet peeve!

If you asked her family and friends to describe her, they would tell you that she's loyal, helpful, and joyful as a person. She lives by the motto "not my monkey, not my circus" in the sense that you shouldn't let things get to you if they're not your issues.

If you come by the office, come and give Katrina a hello! We're so excited to have her as a part of our team.

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