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Staff Feature - Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor, our very own Agent Services Coordinator, comes to Portland from Ewa Beach, Hawaii! You may also know him as the Dave Franco look alike, even though he can’t see the resemblance. As of late, you can find him spending more of his time volunteering around the community with various organizations—however, in his free time he loves dancing, going on runs, and hiking the most.

Some of his favorite things in life are of course his family (including his adorable dog Copper), breakfast foods, and any and all overweight animals. A great night in for Anthony would easily include a showing of Kill Bill Vol. 1 and some chocolate chip cookies with his family. However, if there was only one thing he could eat for the rest of his life, the choice would be an Ahi Poke Bowl.

The best advice he’s ever been given is “love, love, love.” Which is exactly how he felt about his childhood crush, Agent Dana Scully of the X-Files. It may come as a surprise that if he could be a part of any fictional family, it would be the Jetsons, but since his one superpower for choice would be teleportation, it makes a bit more sense. Who wouldn’t want to save on travel costs like that?

He lives by the motto “you better work!” which is exactly what he does on a daily basis to help our agents. His love for our office stems from his belief that we have the best agents and best training that encourages agent productivity.

Thank you for the all the hard work you do that helps keep KWRP at the top of the game, Anthony!

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