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Staff Feature - Jody Tomb

"Why not have a glass of wine and no vegetables?" ~ Jody Tomb

Jody, not only the mother to all of us, but also the mother of (now) 6 kids!! She just got married and has added 2 girls to her home already full of 4 boys!

coke or pepsi

dogs or cats

coffee or tea

Jody joined KWRP a year ago as our Assistant MCA. She couldn't live without her family, pizza and wine! Her friends and family would describe her as funny, caring, happy, and always wearing a smile on her face.

She uses the crying laughing face emoji the most, and would probably look similar to the emoji if she ever met her childhood actor crush - Patrick Swayze. No surprise that Dirty Dancing is also her favorite movie.

Her worst style choice ever is the banana clip, and if aliens landed on earth tomorrow she would maybe go with them, but only if she could take others with her - and that banana clip too please haha.

She would choose to be a member of the Brady Bunch and if she could have any superpower she would "be able to sleep hahahaha, or read minds, for obvious reasons." If Jody had to delete all but 3 apps from her phone, she would keep the camera/photo, amazon and netflix.

She loves KWRP because of the culture - all the awesome agents and kindness.

We love you too Jody! Thanks for taking care of us!

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