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Agent Feature: Sheree Lerman

Sheree hopped around the western U.S. growing up before landing in Portland, OR. It leaves little to the imagination as to why she’s become such an avid traveler in her adulthood, having been all over the world--so much so, that she and her sister plan on auditioning for the Amazing Race! In her time away from work she enjoys playing instruments, singing, fishing, glamping, and raising chickens to name a few.

Sheree got into real estate last year because she has a love for people, houses, and limitless possibilities. She was drawn to KWRP firstly by our training, secondly by our people, and of course our reputation--and through our office she plans to kick real estate ass this year!

She has a love of the ocean and a passion for sea life, snorkeling, and boating. She couldn’t live without her kindle, and her biggest love in life is her family (her husband, children, grandchildren, and two dogs). However, if she could be a part of any fictional family, it would be from Jane the Virgin so she could look at Rafael 24/7.

Sheree has lived an incredibly interesting life and is definitely one to have fun and seize the moment. She was once a Harley Babe for Captain Kneivel (Evil Kneivel’s son), unfortunately he ended up being a pretty huge jerk--but it was an experience nonetheless. And two different times she’s been mistaken for someone famous: Michelle Pfeifer and Rita Coolidge, although one time was much more extreme than the other. In an attempt to get a rather drunken man to leave “Michelle Pfeifer” alone, she signed his chest with a sharpie. However as Rita, the real singer wouldn’t stay around to hang out with her fans, so Sheree was asked to step in. She gave an entire meet and greet with photos after a concert for 2 hours with hundreds of people--all because of a wig and a gown that looked like the singers!

The biggest new thing in Sheree’s life is that she gets to now work for herself, and we’re so happy she chose to do so at KWRP. Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings you, Sheree!

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