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Agent Feature: Michellé Hutton

Michellé Hutton comes from just a few hours north of us in West Seattle, a spot that holds some of her most interesting memories. Not only did she get married at the Space Needle, fly on the Seahawks private plane to watch John Elway play his last season game in Denver, and go to school with Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard; she somehow survived a 6.8 earthquake while in the tallest building in Seattle--luck has definitely been on her side!

Michellé’s spark of interest into real estate was through our own Karina Stark, she made it look too easy not to give it a try herself. She’s fives years in so far with the 2019 goal to be like Ann Naughton, sell as few of homes as possible for the most money as she can! Her love for this office and KWRP stems from a number of places: The knowledge of Chris who is more or less a walking book, the quick wit and funny remarks from Brandy, the helpfulness and friendliness of Denice and Lexi at the front desk, John Powers and Tomás Navarro’s jokes that keep the office laughing, Kate and her Kate plate, and overall the friendliness and openness this office exudes to name a few.

A few of her favorite pastimes include hiking skiing, and a book club she’s been a part of for the past 10 years (one that the husband’s love to call the “wine club” for some reason?). Not to say that a glass of wine isn’t on her top three list of things she loves, including the incredible combination of music and sunshine.

If you’ve chatted with Michellé lately you may heard that she just finished remodeling two bathrooms in her home and she’s very happy about it, unfortunately her dogs don’t feel the same way and miss who they thought were new members of the family--the contractors.

However, some things she may not have mentioned were her worst style mistake, sharing the same hairstyle as Led Zeppelin's lead singer, Robert Plant, or the fact that she absolutely could not live without her friends, family, and cheese. Even through her worst hair mistake, she lives by the motto, “enjoy the little moments” to get her through the good and the bad.

Congrats one more time to Michellé for winning the #5 individual agent of the year at KWRP, we can’t wait to see what you do in 2019!

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