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Agent Feature: Marc Zemp

Meet Marc Zemp, California native from El Dorado Hills, just outside of Sacramento. He lives by the motto “It’s all about the Give,” which is exactly what made him choose real estate. Regardless that it may sound like a cliché, he truly loves helping people--handing off keys to someone who is excited about their new home is such a great feeling. Before coming to KW 4 years ago, he was flipping homes, and then in commercial real estate. His love for KWRP stems from his incredible colleagues and the spirit of contribution and giving within the office. However, when he’s outside of the real estate world, he’s happiest when he’s spending time with his wife and daughters.

One of his favorite things to do outside of work is cooking with his wife and two daughters, looking for a fun and healthy meal that everyone can enjoy isn’t always easy, but a challenge he’s up for. You can find Marc spending his free time outdoors, his favored activities being golfing, cycling, hiking, and skiing. One thing he can’t live without? Food carts. Portland’s food scene lets you try nearly any cuisine from food artisans at an affordable price, something you can’t beat!

The best advice he’s gotten came from his dad, he used to tell him “don’t get your dobber down,” AKA keep positive because what’s the worst that can happen? Keeping to advice like this makes it no surprise that his closest friends and family would describe Marc as cheesy, fun loving guy who loves to entertain people.

If he was only able to keep 3 of his apps on his phone, the ones left standing would be Yelp: need to read and review more hot spots to have a meal (are we sensing that you’re a foodie, Marc??), maps: whether it’s being lazy or a lack of sense of direction we won’t say, and audible: for all his fave audio books!

However, more importantly, his top three in life are his wife, his daughters, and what he gets to do for his clients. KWRP is wishing you a fantastic year Marc!

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