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Agent Feature - Ian Crist

Ian Crist comes to our Portland office from Silverton, Oregon. He loves to wakeboard, snowboard, woodwork, and workout in his free time; if you catch him on the right day he can even kick a 50+ yard field goal. He’s not a soda or coffee drinker, but if you want to get on his good side he’s always up for salt and pepper kettle chips and a cup of tea.

His childhood crush was Natalie Portman—specifically from Star Wars, not to be confused with her other 1999 classic, Anywhere But Here. So, it comes as no surprise that if he could be a part of any fictional family, it would be the Skywalker’s.

We won’t mention the fact that his worst fashion mistake was yellow skinny jeans, his style has evolved and now he’s into luxury watches and cars. However, if he could have any superpower it’d be to fly—with a love for going fast and a hatred for traffic, it kills two birds with one stone!

His passion for selling and entrepreneurship goes hand in hand for real estate, he figures “why not sell some of the most expensive purchases people can buy?” Because of this, he's going on his second year in the business. His love for KWRP and why he came to this office can be easily summed up: Chris Suarez.

Ian’s quote to live by is “Scared money don’t make money,” best said by Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne. And with that, we wish him the best of luck in 2019 and the future.

Thank you to Ian for being such a great part of this market center, we’re so happy to work with you!

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